WHAT SETS AGAVE APART: Agave Magazine is an ad-free print and online publication showcasing contemporary literature, art, and photography from around the world. Mixing literary genres and incorporating fine art pieces creates a magazine in which various modes of expression intersect and diverge. The look and feel of the magazine is streamlined and sleek without being intimidating. There is a great deal of white space, and entire pages and centerfolds dedicated to giving the individual works room to breathe.

All of the literature, art and photography is brought to the fore and presented in an accessible format that we feel is engaging for a modern readership. Many of the pieces are accompanied by insights from our contributors discussing creative process, how they seek inspiration for their work, and behind-the-scenes information on the actual creation of the pieces themselves.

THE IDEAL SUBMISSION: The ideal submission contains all the essentials– no more, no less. Restraint. Quiet fortitude. Skillful turns of phrase that take you to another place...

We also look for a contemporary narrative: Does the author or artist weave a story or show us a new take for a modern audience? Do they have something valuable to contribute to the discussion? We avoid works with overt symbols and ideologies, experimentalism for the sake of pushing the envelope and not investigating form or genre, or anything that we feel is geared mainly toward antagonism or angst.

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"Agave Magazine is a publication that truly honors the work of artists, writers and poets and displays the work in a thoughtful and beautiful way.”

Susan Gabriel, author

“...Agave Magazine surprises me with how well all the pieces work together and feel coherent."

Kirsten McIlvenna, NewPages.com

“Stunning, a work of art...”
Arya F. Jenkins, poet

“Whenever I read Agave Magazine, I am reminded of what a beautiful magazine can look like."

Christopher DiCicco, writer
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