Terms and Conditions
When you submit to Agave Magazine, you are verifying that you are the artist or author of the submitted work, or that you have been given exclusive permission by the artist or author to submit the work. The artist or author thereby grants First North American Serial Rights to Agave Magazine. This means that we will be the first publication in North America to publish your work; publishing rights revert to the artist or author or creator upon publication. Writers and artists retain copyright throughout. We ask that you credit Agave Magazine as the first place of publication.

Please note that we reserve the right to do a very light copy-edit of any written works we accept. Literary works requiring major edits will be returned to the author for changes, approvals or re-submission.

We include bios of all our contributors in our issues. Bios should be kept to 100 words. We reserve the right to use your bio and an excerpt of your work for future features on our website, digital or social media. You may also include links to your Twitter, blog, website, etc.
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